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List Of Optometrists & Opticians Ready To Buy Available Practices & Optical Shops In NY

This is a list of Pre-Qualified Buyers. We've screened these buyers for suitability to purchase an optical store or optometric practice. They have the experience, business acumen, and financial resources needed to complete the purchase transaction. They are serious buyers looking for suitable optometric practices and optical shops.

For various reasons, their personal information is withheld by us. We reveal that information only to practice owners that have contracted with us to broker the sale of their store or practice. In this way, we protect the privacy of the potential buyers.

You can see from the list if there is a potential buyer already listed with us that may be looking to purhase a store or practice in your area.

If you don't see an interested buyer already listed for your area, don't be discouraged. We get inquiries all the time. We also have avenues for publicizing an available practice that is outside the means of ordinary owners. We've moved a lot of optometric practices. We have a lot of contacts, and we know how to do it.

Have an optometric practice that might fit? Give a call and we can begin to arrange a deal.



If you didn't see an interested buyer for your area, you can either:

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