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Financing A Practice Purchase

Web-OD Can Reduce Finance Uncertainty

Financing of a practice purchase can be a major issue.

Often, the whole deal hinges upon the buyer being able to access sufficient funds to buy the practice. Sometimes the seller may be willing to finance the purchase transaction, but not always. Sometimes the seller would prefer a clean break. Sometimes the purchaser purchaser prefers the freedom of a clean break as well.

Advantages For The Practice Purchaser

  • Sufficient Funds For Outright Purchase Not On Hand
  • Insufficient Assets To Secure Business Loan
  • May Not Have Personal Assets Of Sufficient Collateral
  • May Need Additional Funding For Changes & Modernization

Advantages For The Practice Seller

  • May Prefer Complete Liquidation
  • May Have Immediate Need Of Funds
  • Not Willing To Shoulder Risk Of Financing New Owner
  • Other Personal Reasons

Web OD Arranged Financing

Web OD has a lender that is willing to finance practice purchase for Optometrists. These are specialized loans, and the lender is already familiar with this market. No need to convince a banker, intense financial scrutiny, or placing a residence as collateral. Our lender features:

  • Expedited Process
  • Clear Criteria For Financing
  • Obtainable Collateral Requirements

There is no requirement to go through financing through our lender, but in many cases, it will be preferrable.

  • Easier Application Process
  • Reduced Stress
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Easier To Meet Required Collateral

 Financing Assistance Offered By Web OD

  • Development Of A Successful Business Plan
  • Coordination Of Documents For Finance Application
  • Help Completing The Documents
  • Review Of Documents Prior To Submission To Financial Institution
  • Liaison With Lender On Behalf Of Borrower When Necessary

Finance application assistance is provided free when our lending financier is used. If the purchaser decides to use their own lender, a fee will be charged for these services.


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