Buy or Sell Your
Optometric Practice

Practice Valuation

The Importance Of Accuracy

For Seller

Accuracy in Valuation Affects

  • The price at closing
  • The speed at which the practice sells
  • Concessions necessary to complete the transaction
  • Additional costs to close
  • Attracting the right qualified buyers
  • Buyer financing

For Buyer

  • Viability of business
  • Financing
  • Ability to expand
  • Stress following purchase
  • Speed of closing transaction
  • Missed opportunity

Alternate Reasons For A Practice Valuation

  • Sale
  • Division Of Assets 
  • Divorce
  • Dissolving A Partnership
  • Ownership Restructuring
  • Estate Planning

Considerations On Valuation

  • Fixtures
  • Location
  • Patient List
  • Systems
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Staff
  • Lease
  • Website
  • Community
  • Competition

Valuation of an optometric practice must take each of these criteria into consideration, along with other factors when assessing the value of an optometric practice. The need for a fast liquidation, or the length of time offered can also affect the selling price

The date plugged into a formula doesn't tell the whole story. There is a synergy between these factors that defy evaluluation by spreadsheet. The experts at Web OD are able to draw upon our 25 years of experience in accurately assessing what your practice will sell for, and giving you a candid assessment. Asking the right price can get your practice sold much quicker, and avoid discouraging qualified buyers.

If you want to get the maximum fair value for your practice, you need to price it right, and sell quickly. That's where the experience of Web OD protects you from costly mistakes.

Web-OD employs a comprehensive approach to practice valuation

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